Emotional Affairs - What Are They?

There are different types of affairs a person may find themselves involved in. Some are worse than others and some are more easily overcome. This article will deal with what is called an Emotional Affair.

Some men are perfectly capable of being friends with a female co-worker or even a female family friend and never going beyond that level with them. Of course there are men that can not do that. If your husband is friends with a female in either of these situations do not automatically think an affair is going on.

The next level a man could go to with a female friend would be an emotional affair. This is when there is no physical contact between them but your husband may feel closer to them than you at this time. They would be more willing to talk to their female friend about personal problems or issues than they are with you the wife.

As with any type of affair there are signs you can look for to determine if your suspicions are true about your husband. If your husband has a female co-worker that he has always casually talked about, then you realize she never comes up in conversations anymore it could mean something.

You know she still works with him, could there relationship taken a turn for the worse for you? They could have had an emotional affair and have taken it to the next level.

Also how your husband acts with you could divulge a sign something is going on. If he is normally outspoken with you, has he become unusually withdrawn suddenly? This could be because his feelings for another woman are making him feel guilty when he is with you. Also being in love with two women at the same time may be making his life difficult to sort out.

These are just two signs that you may be aware of. Do some research on Emotional affairs so you are better educated about this and will know what to watch out for. Of course as always be careful about accusing your husband about having an affair until you are absolutely sure it is going on.

When you find your husband is involved with another woman in this manner it is best you take fast action to prevent the relationship from progressing further. You may experience some damage to your relationship but it would be much easier to repair before things got too far out of control.

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