Saving Your Marriage After An Affair

It’s unfortunate but all marriages can not always be saved for various reasons. Sometimes the couple just cannot work it out because they just were not compatible enough to succeed in marriage. Then along comes an affair and they have a problem that neither thought would happen to them. If there is infidelity in your marriage and you and your spouse has decided to save the marriage, then the two of you really need to evaluate things.

Saving a marriage after an affair is possible but expect to be involved in a lot of work to get it done. If you and your spouse are willing to do this together you do have a chance of succeeding. For a few tips read below.

1. The best chance is if the person that did the cheating only tried this once. While not good at all at least the affair was stopped early. It was a one time fling with no emotional tie because of a weak moment in some ones life. If it was your spouse and they are truly sorry then you have a great chance if you accept their failure.

On the other hand if this was an ongoing affair that has emotional attachment, and they have cheated on you more than once with multiple people don’t consider saving the marriage. It would be futile because it will happen again, how many chances are you willing to give them?

2. Keeping good communication between you and your spouse is one of the best measures you can take. If you shut each other off to the point you can’t discuss things with them you will never solve things. Getting your spouse to open up about the relationship they had and talk to you why they did it will help the healing.

You should want your spouse to tell you what you need to know about the relationship they had. It will be difficult for them to tell you and as difficult for you to listen but it will help the both of you get along in the healing process and closer to fixing things between you. In this process you may learn why they cheated and what it was that prompted them to stray.

3. If you were cheated on and you want to save the marriage, you must forgive and forget. If you keep bringing up the affair in the future it will make it very difficult to maintain a great relationship. Do your utmost best to not bring up the subject again.

For the person that did the cheating, they must understand that it could take years for their spouse to learn to trust them again. With that thought in mind you must understand that the cheater is going to have to earn their trust all over again.


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