Are You a Victim of a Cheating Husband

If you are a woman that is the victim of a cheating husband, you may find yourself trying to make comparisons to the “other” woman. This can be normal so do not think doing it is wrong. You could be running it through your mind constantly comparing yourself to her, wondering if she is better looking than you and so forth. The bad news about this is you will drive yourself crazy with all the negative thinking and this will make being able to survive your husbands affair more difficult.

You already have a lot of uncertainty about your situation and these negative thoughts are adding fuel to the fire. Having some self doubt about yourself would be normal under there circumstances, but unfortunately will put you in a precarious position as you start to make judgment calls and give out punishment to your husband and the other woman.

You now have to deal with the loss of trust in your marriage after the affair was discovered. For whatever reasons your husband has chosen to go outside your marriage and this ruined not only your self-esteem but how you think you appear to your peers. Everything you took for granted is now questioned by you because you now have a lack of trust.

What you can do to get back your self-esteem is put the other woman at a level below you. This should be easy for you because she did the cheating with your husband, how could she be above you? You must think this way and take control of your emotional life. You can make up your own image of what she looks like. Make her the worst looking woman you want her to be.

Now put yourself above her in every respect and make a list of all the outstanding qualities that you possess. Put these on paper so you can keep referring back to them to boost your moral and remind yourself of whom you are. This way you are reinforcing your self-esteem.

Having experienced an affair in a relationship is a big deal, there is no denying this. But before you make any irrational decisions you owe it to yourself to take time to compose yourself so you make the right choices. It’s easy to pack up and leave right away or kick your husband out of the house, but that is not always the best thing to do.