Do You Love Your Spouse - Why Have An Affair

We try hard to make our relationships work but they can be unpredictable at times. We do not have the ability to read our partners mind or understand what their true feelings may be. This can leave us trying our best to get along together the best we can.

Because of that we must learn to pay more attention to how we interact together. You must put in the time and be dedicated to make your relationship work. Understanding them and getting to know them is one of the important aspects of a relationship. But what do you do as time goes by and you find you are not as interested in your partner as you thought you would be.

You may find they do not meet your needs and wants like you had hoped. By the time you realize this you may have been in your marriage for some time. You may still be in love with them and do not want to hurt them but unfortunately this is where an affair can happen.

You want your partner but there is more you desire so you find yourself looking for someone else that might meet your needs. You do not want to hurt your spouse but the urge for something more becomes more powerful. Regardless of your thoughts, you are still causing harm to your spouse and your marriage.

Your inability to control your urge to wander will leave your partner with emotional pain caused by your betrayal. Having control is the key. Decide if you truly love your spouse, if the answer is yes you must learn to control those urges.

If you decide you are not in love with your spouse like you once were, staying with them out of guilt may not be good. In the long run staying with them may be a mistake because a person could hang on to their marriage and have a secret relationship on the side.

This itself will cause more pain by having this affair than coming right out and ending the relationship. Being honest and respectful are important attributes of a good relationship and when you have an affair behind some ones back you have violated these.

If you have decided that you are no longer in love with your spouse anymore be honest with them and end the relationship if that is what is decided. It’s unfortunate that a relationship or marriage may come to an end but that may be best instead of prolonging the inevitable.

When you are in an affair it is the most harmful thing that will destroy a marriage. If you still love your spouse an affair would be the wrong choice to make. Make the right decisions and respect your partner and give your marriage a chance.