Improving Your Communication Skills After The Affair

Being able to communicate effectively as a couple after experiencing an affair can go way beyond the words you and your spouse can say to each other. Most people think of communication as spoken words only, but it is much more than that. There are different ways we can communicate with each other that can be called nonverbal cues. When we as people communicate in ways other than speaking - the other person may not realize the message you are delivering.

Nonverbal communication can be such things as your body language and things like touching, flirting, actions, sharing your space and making eye contact. Finally there is showing value of others needs by way of doing things for them.

A scenario of this could be when you are running late to meet your spouse of even getting home from work. Two ways you could communicate with them to let them know this is calling them or not calling them at all. The first is obviously a verbal communication and the second is nonverbal. Not calling is telling your spouse that you don't want to share this information so you do not worry or even wonder about where you are.

A lot is said by that nonverbal message. It can be taken as not caring enough about your spouse’s needs or interests. It could be that there is really nothing going on and the spouse just forgot to call, sometimes this can happen. Unfortunately this message can be taken as unfavorable and trouble can follow between the couple.

With this message in mind, work on your nonverbal cues to make a positive impact to your relationship and bring you and your spouse closer together.

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